Raspberry yogurt – easy to make

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Ingredients: 250 grams of raspberries 300 grams of soy yoghurt. 1x banana. And if necessary add a tablespoon of linseed oil.     A simple recipe that is prepared in two easy steps 😛 Step one: Put the raspberries, the soy yoghurt and the banana togehther and mix or mash everything. Step two: Finally you can […]

Where there’s a will, there’s a way

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Sometimes life doesn’t turn out the way you expect it to. And so I will postpone my fitness goals for the time being. 👉🏼 (I’m not giving up, mind you, but postponing!) I will go to the gym as long as I’m physically able because it has become my absolute passion! While working out I […]

Every success begins with a decision!

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It’s amazing how much you can achieve with just a single decision per day. Every day has 24 hours for us and it is your responsibility to do what you do with your time. In addition to the general obligations that each of us has to earn his daily bread, however, there is still this […]

International German championships 2017

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I had an unforgettable beautiful day last Saturday at the International German championships. Not only because it’s always great to see the competition with the entire team zerbaerstung and support our athletes, but also because this event offers the opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas about fitness and nutrition. Nowhere but the DBFV/ […]

Don’t let someone talk you out of your dreams!

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After a short well-needed break, I am now happy to be able to continue my training. I think I have put too much pressure on myself by setting rigid goals. I was single-minded about the matter. Then, as professional and (unwelcome) private matters crossed paths; I finally had to realize that I was standing in […]

Life is a roller coaster!

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I’m just sitting at home thinking about what my next steps should be in life. It’s not easy to keep track of your goals and stay on course. My thoughts are just like a roller coaster and I’m afraid of losing people I love very much through the ride/journey. 🎢 🌍 But I also know […]

International Juniors and Masters bodybuilding competition

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Wow, I’m still in awe from the International Juniors and Masters bodybuilding competition. There were incredible athletes on stage, all in top form. This is pure motivation! I am particularly happy for one athlete (from the team Zerbaerstung) Lazaros. At over 50 years old with almost 3 years of training, he achieved his goal and […]

Every day brings new opportunities

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Every day brings new opportunities. It is a challenge to motivate yourself anew every day! Especially when the summer is over and the days are getting shorter and darker. 👀🌨❄️☃️ In the end, it helps to avoid losing sight of your goal! Always stay focused, according to the motto: ➡️ we DO today WHAT THEY […]

Life means constant change

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Life means constant change; this is true in every respect. Without change, we would always remain in one place and would not be able to grow. Most people are afraid of change because they don’t know how they will develop. So they stand still. Maybe to hold on to a certain amount of “security.” Maybe […]