Leg press to the P.I.T -System

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I`ve just finished my leg workout. And now I need someone to take me home because I am exhausted. 😛 As you can see the leg press in The Hall of Cross-Sports allows you to pause just before the bottom at an adjustable height and then explode with real power.   It is very effective […]

About me :)

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Welcome to my blog! 🙂 I’m really happy that you’ve found your way here. My name is Katharina and I was born and raised in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. I got to a certain point in life and noticed that I was just living from one day to the next. I think many people can relate […]

Visit a great sight and do something active at the same time

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For anyone who has the opportunity to visit Bottrop, Germany, I highly recommend stopping by the Tetraeder. ☝????????  The observation platform of the pyramid is open to the public and accessible only by stairs which by sway slightly.  At the top of the pyramid, you can enjoy a beautiful view overlooking the Ruhr area.????????????????  Climbing […]

Everyone needs a Chiropractor :-)

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Today I was with my chiropractor Marcel Rühl, while he was setting up my spine, he gave me a few helpful tips on posture and the application with the Blackroll. Now that all my blockades were resolved, I can continue my workout to the P.I.T. Trainings system. The trophies in the background are all from […]